Advanced Driver Assist Systems: Systems Diagnostics & Failed Calibrations

This Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) Diagnostics seminar offers a unique approach to diagnosing and calibrating the various sensors and systems. Unlike other training that focuses on sensor technology, we skip the engineering information in favor of practical tests and calibration advice. This seminar makes this information “real” by providing many OEM and aftermarket calibration examples, including many case studies where it went very wrong. Anyone can read calibration instructions, so this seminar and manual focus on both simple and challenging real-world experiences, translating technical information into everyday shop processes.

Specific Topics

  • Checking tricky user settings with Scan Tools and driver menus
  • Differentiating marketing from reality (sensors, systems, suites, packages, and actual functions)
  • Warnings about mistakes, even when using OEM procedures
  • Sonor, radar, and camera calibrations using OEM & aftermarket equipment
  • Circuit and network test advice (with examples)
  • Diagnostic options advice for each sensor type
  • Case studies covering failed calibrations, failed sensors, improper mounting, and confusing instructions