Communication Issues, U-Codes and Network Diagnostics

Instructor: Eric Ziegler Duration: 4 hours

Since the advent of the computer-controlled car the number of modules on said car keeps growing. Networks are the central nervous system of the modern vehicle. Network communications are essential to the proper operation and performance of safety and infotainment systems. Networks also gave us the ability to program modules and enhance our diagnostic abilities exponentially. However, when there is a communication breakdown, or a module becomes non-responsive, the diagnostics can be not so straight forward. Unplugging every module one at a time can be a time consuming, and sometimes fruitless, task. To make things worse, “U” Codes often leave “you” with little direction. This class will introduce technicians to a simplified, straightforward and logical step by step process to understanding and diagnosing network issues in the modern vehicle. Tooling options and techniques will be discussed. Real world case studies will be used to illustrate these techniques.