Essential Diagnostic Steps: Part II

Eric Ziegler (4 hours)

This course is a continuation of Essential Diagnostic Steps: Part I. The same “logic based” diagnostic process will be followed with more advanced testing techniques. Introduction to vacuum transducer testing and waveform analysis techniques are covered. Fuel trim diagnostics are expanded to cover bank to bank air flow imbalance issues. A fuel trim “cheat sheet” will be presented and discussed how to avoid diagnostic fuel trim pitfalls. Learn to enhance diagnosis by using Volumetric Efficiency. VE calculations and the means to do so are discussed. A Flatrate Test Drive “cheat sheet” will also be introduced to get the most information with the least amount of effort. Network diagnostic fundamentals and testing techniques will also be discussed. This class encourages a logic approach to many common problems that tend to stymie techs. It is a common sense approach to eliminating the possible causes of a problem. A balance of theory, discussion, and real world case studies.