Gary Smith Diesel Engine Systems, Start to Finish (8:45 – 12:45 )

High Pressure Diesel Control Theory and Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems

For Fleet Operators, Shop Owners and Technicians covering the Common Rail High Pressure Diesel Theory and Diesel Aftertreatment Systems class. We also cover regen issues and their potential causes. We will go start to finish on this with a diagnostic strategy approach.

This seminar is packed with information during the information period, we recommend you have pad and pen ready…

In this Seminar we will cover:

  • Common Rail Diesel Basic Operational, Fueling and Air Control Theory
  • Understand Exhaust Aftertreatment Devices, Construction, Function and Control Devices
  • Investigate DPF – DOC – SCR Function and Regen issues
  • Diagnostic and Maintenance Approaches for Engine, Fuel System and Electronic Controls
  • Understanding Diesel Engine Data PIDS and using this data in diagnostics
  • How to leverage scan data during clean-up services to verify correction of concern