J2534 Programming: Domestic and Asian Vehicles

This J2534 class is designed to have some advanced and unconventional information to satisfy even the most seasoned of module programming techs! BUT! We will cover all information needed to take a technician that has never flashed a module and prepare them to successfully flash the most common vehicles, as well as arm them with the troubleshooting skills to tackle even the peskiest of module programming scenarios.

We will cover all the equipment and software requirements of today. This J2534 class will prepare you for GM, Ford, FCA (Chrysler), Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Kia. We will cover some best practices, workarounds, and the limitations of the J2534 platform. This class will also touch on “Right to Repair” information and how it pertains to module flashing in the field. So put your J-Box where your mouth is and buckle up for a complete J2534 crash course!