(Management) Increase Your Sales and Profitability by Winning with the Decision Makers: Women

Amy Mattinat (3 hours)

Studies show 83 % of women are responsible for the maintenance of their own vehicles, and women represent 73% of service facility customers. But most auto repair businesses don’t understand that women and men perceive, believe and behave differently. If you learn how to tailor your shop’s culture and marketing to women you will make more money per customer and gain a sales force of advocates who will help grow your business.

Amy Mattinat, independent auto repair shop owner, industry leader and marketing expert will give you the inside scoop on specific changes you can easily make to turbo-charge your market share with your most profitable prospects – women.

  • Learn how women research the services they use and why they choose one business over another.
  • Discover how to create an appealing brand for women which will also build more business with men.
  • Find out how to effectively market to women on less marketing dollars then you ever thought possible.
  • Identify that one simple signal that most automotive service advisors miss when a woman is losing patience with them and make more sales.
  • Learn how to leverage women’s referral as the ultimate marketing multiplier, making each new woman customer at least four times more profitable than a new male customer.