(Partial Class) The Digital Service Advisor

John Burkhauser (Bolt-ON) 1.5 hours

The Service Advisor is the essential part of the service process from making the appointment to the exit consultation when the visit is complete. During every step of service, the advisor has many Best Practices that need to be completed for a successful visit. Unfortunately, no matter how well the advisor does their job, these expectations cannot always be completed and can interfere with the advisor’s ability to communicate and sell to the customer.

In this course we will learn how technology will support the digital advisor by automating many of the tasks that are required of them every day while at the same time giving them the tools and time to be a more effective communicator and sales person creating a higher ARO. We will discuss the automation of best practices, setting next appointments with text reminders, true digital inspection integration eliminating copying and translating tech findings and more. Ultimately freeing the Digital Advisor to do what they need to do, educate and inform customers for better sales and customer satisfaction.