Scan Tool Analysis 101 – Gaining Diagnostic Direction from the Driver’s Seat

Course objective is to first, take the novice driveability-tech and offer insight as to how fuel injection strategy functions. After thorough discussion of what critical inputs are necessary and how they contribute to the decision of the proper fuel injector pulse-width, interactive class exercises will begin. Using Brandon’s personal vehicle with a MAF fueling strategy, a series of experiments were conducted to create a low-power driveability fault. The faults include:

  • Exhaust restriction
  • Air Filter restriction
  • Fuel restriction
  • Un-metered air before throttle plate
  • Un-metered air after throttle (vacuum)

The scan data will be presented in graphed format, for “action/reaction” comparison , as well as in a format featured only by ATS EScanELITE. The goal of the class is to have the attendees analyze the data and decipher which fault is responsible for the data being viewed at that time. Attendees will leave with an understanding of fuel injection strategy, fuel feedback control and the ability to use generic scan tool data to make preliminary decisions about diagnostic-direction, right from the driver’s seat.