Sherlock Holmes Diagnostics

In this seminar with Jim Morton of Morton’s Automotive Technical Services (aka, Sherlock Holmes with a Wrench) we will be going into detail of Testing Procedures in order to keep the repair in a Profitable Zone . The theme behind this seminar is whether or not we have actually found the problem or the EFFECT of the problem.
The main topics that will be covered are:

  • Approach of the Diagnostics Using the “G” and the “P”‘s Testing: the BEST tests in the world are not worth anything if you are in the wrong area of the issue. With the proper “G” General Test taking you into the correct Funnel, and then the “P” Pinpoint Test will drive you down the correct funnel to the “root cause” of the issue.
  • Detailed Electrical Testing Procedures: We will be covering the WHAT and WHY you really need to be proficient in your electrical system testing.
  • Understand what the Ignition Waveforms are Telling Us: We will be looking at just how much information is within those Ignition waveforms, even with the newer Digital representation of the waveform.