The Advantages of Digital Inspections

With longer intervals between services for today’s vehicles, it is imperative for shops to do complete inspections to assure the safety of the vehicles on the road. Paper inspections have been the way of doing inspections for decades requiring translating tech writing and remarks, copying it into the management system, and explaining the “why and what” to the customer. Common tablet technology transforms the inspection process into a digital tool that eliminates copying and translating while adding pictures and video that make it clear to your customers what needs to be done. Additionally, a permanent digital record of each inspection is kept for future reference to prepare the customer for future work and needs. All the while saving your shop time during the process. During this course we will cover all the advantages that digital inspections will give your shop, including how to download and customize your own inspections and deliver them to your customers via text message while increasing your average repair dollars by up to 39%