The Essentials of Developing and Executing Effective Productive Test Plans

Have you ever retrieved faults from a VW AUDI and wished for Guided Fault Finding? Unless you are using ODIS with all the factory goodies, you may be left out in the rain. Or are you? In this abridged training session, Chris Martino presents the cognitive tools he, and many other successful Technicians, use to build diagnostic test plans based on the faults, symptoms, technical information resources and proven test techniques. Chris will simplify the VW AUDI specific “Track” Diagrams. He will teach you the skills to quickly and confidently map your Test Plan with those Wiring Diagrams. You will see the benefits and disadvantages of VW AUDI ODIS and the Major aftermarket information services. If you desire to break the chains of “fault code paths” and truly test/verify components, circuits, systems (including mechanical defects) with an oscilloscope and advanced accessories; this knowledge is a cornerstone for that vision.