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Pedro De La Torre (4 hours) Falla de cilindro: Diagnóstico Practico y Eficaz Instructor: Pedro De La Torre Duración: 4 horas Descripción: Una falla de cilindro puedo ser causado por tres cosas: Chispa, combustible o problema mecánico. Este curso cubre técnicas de diagnostico requeridas para reconocer cual de estas tres posibilidades es el infractor. Vamos

Pedro De La Torre (4 hours) Scan Data Analysis for Driveability Diagnosis Bi-Lingual (Spanish) Análisis de escáner para problemas de manejabilidad Instructor: Pedro De La Torre Duración: 4 Horas Descripción: Este curso va a cubrir una variedad de información para ayudarte a entender problemas de menajabilidad con tu escáner y tu mente. Usando un proceso

Eric Ziegler (4 hours) This course Covers a variety of new Technologies that many technicians and shop owners are not aware of. Many of these technologies can be used to streamlining diagnostics, repair, record keeping, data storage, data sharing, information access and more. Many different options will be covered, including but not limited to: smart

Eric Ziegler (4 hours) This course is a continuation of Essential Diagnostic Steps: Part I. The same “logic based” diagnostic process will be followed with more advanced testing techniques. Introduction to vacuum transducer testing and waveform analysis techniques are covered. Fuel trim diagnostics are expanded to cover bank to bank air flow imbalance issues. A

Jerry “G” Trulia (4 hours) This seminar will cover how to sharpen your diagnostic skills, knowing where to find the first place to start, setting up a diagnostic game plan, using strategy based diagnostics and diagnostic routines, using PCM strategies and Enabling Criteria. This seminar has information on batteries including coding and reprogramming, parasitic draw,

Jerry “G” Trulia (4 hours) This seminar will cover ways to maximize your scan tool proficiency. How to use scan data to direct your diagnostics – scan data pids – Bi-directional control – Fuel Trim – Mode 6 – Calculated Load – Air Fuel Ratio – O2 Sensor – Freeze Frame – Time to Temperature

Scott Brown (4 hours) The goal of this session is to help one become a better communicator. Today’s digital devices such as smart phones, tablets and PC’s posses features that enable one to enhance and clarify the story like never before. Consumers are looking for excellent communicators which will go a long way towards illustrating

Scott Brown (4 hours) This session will talk about strategies manufacturers use to achieve objectives, such as catalyst warm-up, engine noise management, torque management, NVH, power enrichment, etc. We will focus primarily on taking an inside look at the actual calibration tables and functions which will provide additional perspective for anyone involved with engine performance

Brandon Steckler (8 hours) Course objective is to take the Pressure – Transducer novice to a whole new level. The goal is for someone with labscope/engine mechanical operation knowledge, to gain the ability to capture pressure waveforms (from the intake manifold/tailpipe and in-cylinder) and be able to use the information to make diagnostic decisions. The

NAPA (3 hours) Toyota technology has led to a high level of sales and service. Today’s technicians need to have the ability to properly diagnose and repair these automobiles. Toyota’s consistent and unique approach to systems and service techniques. This class will help you comprehend how Toyota systems operate. This class features the best techniques

NAPA (3 hours) GM Duramax Trucks are one of the most popular diesel vehicles on the road. Keeping up on the changes is important for profitability and diagnostics. This class will focus on the changes throughout the years, so that novice to experienced technicians will find value in its content. Topics covered: Engine design changes

Gary Smith (World Pac) 4 hours Theory of Operation, Hybrid and EV Basic Scan Data and Diagnosis Learn the Theory of Hybrid and EV operation and various component functions Look at how Hybrid batteries work and how to use scan data and other methods to diagnose cells Learn how the power gets to the wheels,

Amy Mattinat (3 hours) Traditional Marketing is the most expensive kind of marketing a business can do to attract new customers, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you market your business strategically and creatively it will cost little and be more effective! Attracting new customers doesn’t have to require elaborate, marketing efforts.

Amy Mattinat (3 hours) Studies show 83 % of women are responsible for the maintenance of their own vehicles, and women represent 73% of service facility customers. But most auto repair businesses don’t understand that women and men perceive, believe and behave differently. If you learn how to tailor your shop’s culture and marketing to

Robert Bassett (Gates Corporation) 1 hour After this session you will be able to: Capture an extra $7 to $10,000 per year in tensioner replacement that you have been passing on to your competitor! Explain why up to 40% of batteries, 70% of alternators and 99.2% of belts returned to the factory as warranties, performed

Robert Bassett (Gates Corporation) 1 hour Technology is changing fast! Past repair practices in addition to condition of coolant are creating failures for today’s coolant system. Preventative Maintenance is “Key” when servicing your customer’s vehicle. During this session, we will explore root failures along with effects they have on coolant system components. After this session

Chris Cloutier ( 1.5 hours Why do we want our Automotive repair shops to be far along the technology timeline? As automotive repair shop owners, we want to increase productivity and improve efficiency. Which lead to a strong bottom line. We also enjoy enhancing our customer experience, and now that we all offer a free

John Burkhauser (Bolt-ON) 1.5 hours The Service Advisor is the essential part of the service process from making the appointment to the exit consultation when the visit is complete. During every step of service, the advisor has many Best Practices that need to be completed for a successful visit. Unfortunately, no matter how well the

John Burkhauser (Bolt-ON) 1.5 hours Just about every vehicle a technician touches today has advanced digital electronics, so why do they still use paper work orders and must leave their bays to access and print the required information to make proper and efficient repairs? The technician’s accuracy and efficiency in everything they do is where

Jim Morton (MATS) 8 hours Starting with the customer interview. Then we get into isolating the vehicle problem, using the “Funnel Approach”. The three funnels that the problem will usually fall into will be: Engine Integrity, Fuel Delivery and Ignition Related. We will go down each one of these funnels with the proper testing procedures

John Francis (Elite Worldwide 1.5 hrs) 4:30 pm – 6 pm John will show shop owners how to more effectively manage their technician’s time, and get paid for all of the diagnostic work performed. So they can increase their billed hours. John noticed an issue with his clients only charging a fraction of what they

High Pressure Diesel Control Theory and Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems For Fleet Operators, Shop Owners and Technicians covering the Common Rail High Pressure Diesel Theory and Diesel Aftertreatment Systems class. We also cover regen issues and their potential causes. We will go start to finish on this with a diagnostic strategy approach. This seminar is packed

In 2017 the Philadelphia Eagles dominated the NFL and took home the Lombardy trophy! Now is the time for you to Dominate your business and life! Join Jeremy O’Neal as he shares the three-step method for crushing your competition and creating the Automotive business you want. The rules of business are being re-written every day

A shift has taken place with consumers across the globe. That shift has replaced the traditional old-school sales model with a new, empowered consumer-driven sales process where the customer feels empowered to buy. This course will help you identify the key digital touchpoints that customers are demanding from businesses in every industry. Specifically, we’ll dive

The profit structure of repair shops is changing. Have you every struggled with a drivability diagnosis and wondered how in the world you are going to get paid for the 8 hours your technician invested in properly identifying the root cause of the clients concern? This course is designed to help you master the skills