Chris Martino

Chris Martino has been in the automotive repair business since 1998.
He started his career in independent shops sweeping the floor and watching the technicians work. He quickly built himself up to a lead heavy line mechanic and shop owner. While owning a shop, he learned how NOT to diagnose vehicles. After closing his business, he dedicated himself to retraining himself in diagnostic practices, focusing on electrical testing. Chris has made it his life’s focus to pass this training on to others as a founding member of Trained By Techs. In 2018 he made the jump from the shop to the support line for Autologic-now Opus IVS where his personal goal is to break down complicated systems into easily digestible pieces. In 2019 he was picked up by WTI to share knowledge and passion for diagnostics with others. You can usually find him at a training event learning and networking with his like-minded peers.