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Scott Brown

Scott Brown’s automotive career began after graduating from Arizona Automotive Technical Institute in 1983.  With a strong focus on engine performance and analysis of onboard computerized engine controls, Scott began collaborating with other industry professionals online in the early 90’s.  In 1992, he helped organize the first online technical automotive waveform database on CompuServe. He

Eric Ziegler

Eric has over 30 years ofexperience as a technician with an extensive diagnosdcs background. Eric is an ASE Recertified Advanced Level LI Master Technician who has spent a great deal of his career focuslng on automotive electronics’engine management diagnostics, module programmmg and network commmication. He is thc owncr of EZ Diagnostic Solutions, a mobile business

Amy Mattinat

President: Auto Craftsmen / Teacher/ Consultant / Dynamics Speaker

Amy is the owner of her award winning independent saies & service facility in Vermont. Auto Craftsmen is ASE Blue Seal AAA Approved & AskPatty.com Certified FemaIe Friendly. She started working at Auto Craftsmen in 1994 as the bookkeeper, adding marketing to her job description, become the service advisor, then partner and she bought out

Brandon Steckler

WTI Classes Honda Engine Technology Honda Service Information Scan Tool Professional Background Brandon began his career in Northampton County Community College in Bethlehem, PA. There, he was a student of GM’s Automotive Service Educational program. In 2001, he graduated top of his class and earned the GM Leadership award for his efforts. He later began

Bobby Bassett

Manager of Training NA

Bobby began his career in the Automotive Aftermarket in 1978. His experience includes sales in both automotive, heavy duty with emphasis in hydraulics. Bobby is the Manager of Aftermarket Training for NA for the Gates Corporation. He works closely with technicians, High School/Community College automotive programs and customers educating on problematic areas that create comebacks

Chris Cloutier

I have been co-owner of Golden Rule Auto Care in Dallas, TX for 7 years in Dallas Texas. I came from the software industry developing solutions for companies like Southwest Airlines, and Wyndham Intl. I have worked for companies that understand the marriage of service and software, and have applied it in an effective way.

John L. Francis

John L. Francis has over 50 years of industry experience, and has owned and operated Francis Automotive Services Inc. for more than 35 years. John’s most important business philosophy as a shop owner is to “be honest, speak from your heart, and always be authentic”, so it’s no mystery why he’s been so successful. For

John Burkhauser

John Burkhauser became the Director of Education at BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY when he saw how technology will change the service process for the better.  It is now his mission to show shops how they can have a more successful future, today. John knows firsthand the chaos that shops function with daily while just trying to

Jerry “G” Trulia

“G” Jerry Truglia has over 44 years’ experience in the automotive field as a technician, service manager, shop owner and instructor. • ASE World Class, Triple Master Auto, Master Truck, Master ASE School Bus Technician • ASE L1 (Advanced Level), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), L3 Hybrid, Undercar Specialist and others • Recognized by the US

Gary Smith

Gary started in the car business in 1979 and never looked back. Throughout a 25 plus year career with new car dealerships and OEMs, he was blessed to have experienced all fixed operations positions, having been a Certified ASE and GM Master Technician, Shop Foreman, Service Advisor, Parts & Service Manager and Fixed Ops Director

Pedro De La Torre

Pedro has over a decade of experience in the automotive technical field・ Afier his graduation from UTI, he was empIoyed by independent repair facilities and specialized in electronics, emissions and driveab山ty issues. In 2014, Pedro began working with the Indiana emissions program “Clean Air Car Check.’’While working in the Quality Assurance department, Pedro was the

Jim Morton

Jim was an Advanced Engine Performance instructor at the Post-Secondary Level for over 21 years. With more than 50 years in the industry as a technician, shop owner and trainer. In 2018, Morton was awarded the award of Educator of the Year by Vision Hi-Tech Training and Expo. Morton has been a requested presenter at

Jeremy O’Neal

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